MCSE : Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

MCSE : Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Course Descriptions

This course will be conducted by Mr Michael Travasso , who has more than 15yrs of experience in I.T. consulting and training. He has achieved a range of certifications from like CEH , VCP and others , he is also certified in MCSE cloud. Most of his trainings are fun-filled sessions with active learning which involves complete participation from the student. He ensures that he shares and demonstrates his real life experiences in the class.

This course is based on a scenario of Prism Infotech, which is based in Singapore. Hazel has been evaluating moving to the cloud. Your task is to build a plan of action that starts from Azure Cloud Design to implementation.

You will first start with designing and implementing Azure Networking. Once the virtual network, gateway and firewall is setup , the next step is to define and provision storage. you will then start virtual machine sizing and deploying VM’s on the Azure Cloud. Hazel also requires a Database solution , hence we will help them to plan and implement an Azure Storage Solution. We will also help them to connect their existing on-premises Active Directory to the cloud, and in the process also implement Azure Active Directory. The last step would be to help them automate various tasks in Azure Cloud.

The highlights of the course is as follows :

  • Tour of Azure datacentre.
  • Identifying Azure datacentre locations around the world.
  • Understanding Azure regions.
  • Managing Azure IAAS VMs.
  • Microsoft Azure Stack and the Hybrid Cloud Environment.
  • Azure IAAS Storage solutions.
  • Azure Network Security Groups and configuring virtual appliances.
  • Configure access from external location by using load balancers.
  • Azure VPN connectivity.
  • Difference between on-premises and Cloud Active Directory.
  • Synchronizing Azure Active Directory with the Cloud.

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