Ethical Hacking / Cyber Security

Ethical Hacking / Cyber Security

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Currently with effective information security practices, utmost priority is given to keep scanning IT resources for  vulnerabilities or attacks which might compromise data security, avoid data loss/thefts and to protect IT resources from risks and misuse. The need for securing information technology concepts alongwith real-time updates and practical sessions ensure that the Ethical Hacking/Cyber Security training offered at Everex Infotech is the best step towards becoming an ethical hacker. Training Highlights Everex Infotech has ensured that the course on Ethical hacking covers all aspects that include vulnerabilities, system defenses, penetration testing, vulnerability management, incident management, and defining and implementing security policies. This also makes it the most comprehensive Cyber Security training that is unique and unprecedented in the history of I.T education. Our emphasis is to ensure that the student gets complete hands-on practical knowledge on all aspects of Cyber security. We train you in testing for chinks in the armor of your network and help protect your network using Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Techniques Course Highlights Our expert trainers will start from basic fundamentals to the advanced level. Get in-depth knowledge on hacking and penetration testing tools, basics of IT Security, Ethical Hacking and its various concepts.. You will also be taught about Servers, switches, routers and firewall configurations from the security perspective (no other institute offers this in Ethical Hacking courses). Level 1 – Foundations of Cyber Security
  • Overview of Network Architecture
  • Understanding OSI layers
  • Weakness in the OSI layers and TCP/IP
  • Configuring Cisco Routers and Switches, Checkpoint Firewall and Citrix load balancer.
  • Understanding the security options in the above devices
  • Taking the first steps in Hacking , identifying your targets using Network scanning
  • Identifying IP address location and service provider
  • Understanding the concepts and listing/identifying well-known ports
  • How to check which ports are open and closed
  • How to block/close an open port
  • Probing the targets further using Tools like NMAP, Nessus, Nikto etc.
  • Understanding WMI and SNMP

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